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  short history...

SERI was founded in 1988 by a group of technicians with extensive experience in the design and manufacture of special machines and equipment for industrial use, namely metal-cutting machine-tools.
Its main customers, in Portugal and abroad, are suppliers to the automotive industry, domestic and electrical appliance manufacturers and also the standard machine-tools manufacturers, for whom SERI designs, develops and manufactures hydraulic clamping fixtures.
Having operated as an engineering firm for many years, SERI has developed turn-key solutions, in partnership with its customers, for the production of medium and large size batches of components.

Initially focusing on the design and production of metal-cutting machine-tools, SERI moved on to offer special solutions for sheet metal working and flexible solutions for assembling mechanical sub-assemblies, incorporating high levels of automation, control, robotics and now artificial vision.

In the field of robotics, SERI has partnerships with ABB and FANUC in order to develop targeted solutions in the loading/unloading of automatic machines, as well as assembling and handling of components on production lines.

The growing demands of customers as regards the checking of dimensions and geometries throughout the production processes has led SERI to devise supervision and control solutions based on the use of artificial vision to detect nonconforming components.

Quality in manufacturing and service, accumulated experience and properly trained, dedicated staff have been key to SERI's success in rapidly achieving its main goal, with the total satisfaction of its customers and the improvement of its processes through cost optimisation solutions.

SERI is an integrator which responds to the present and prepares for the future, making its customers bigger and stronger.  The strategic option in fact knows how to answer today's conditions and at the same time look out for fresh opportunities, diversifying the market in special engineering solutions and applications. It has thus concentrated on the efficiency of the processes and businesses that produce added value for customers, within deadlines, without flaws and, most importantly, for the expected cost.