Leakage Control
Based on our large experience and know-how on clamping parts, we develope special sealing components and solutions that ensures a better reliability of ours LEAKAGE TESTING MACHINES.

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SERI, Lda is noted for its quality of performance and risk profile under the FINCRESCE programme.

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, a portuguese company . 
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clamping fixtures

Hydraulic or manual

To equip CNC horizontal and vertical machining centres, with 4th and 5th axis and/or pallet change. The control of tightened clamps and having the piece properly positioned ensure greater reliability in automated processes.

They incorporate hydraulic swing clamps, special self-centring mandrels and work supports with the option of metallic wipers up to 500Bar pressure.

Special Equipment

Design, manufacture and implementation of machines for:
   - Metal-cutting machine-tools
   - Components assembly
   - Functional and gauging testing
   - Leakage control
   - Poka-Yoke control


Design, development and manufacturing of power operated expanding mandrels to positioning and clamping parts with an high degree of precision.

Available models:
C-Basic / C.Plus-C / C.Plus-P / C.Plus-PC

Assembly Lines

Study and establishment of component assembly lines, with feeding, automatic selection and integrated pick & place handling. Integration of screw connection fastening technologies, dosage for adhesives or by ultrasound technology. Total or partial process control using special Poka-Yoke systems or artificial vision systems.


Development of process cells, integrating the robotics area together with the technologies of handling and transport to maximise the most varied areas of production.